Music Monday | 14.01.13

This week’s #MusicMonday isn’t just one song but three songs – I’m feeling generous this week.

One the things I like to do during “Suma Time” is discover new bands (they may not necessarily be new, but they are new to me) and record labels. I can quite easily spend a good couple of hours doing this – where other people may actually do something practical! Music sites such as Spotify, Soundcloud, 8tracks and others enable us now to discover music (from anywhere in the world) very easily. The power of clicking from one band to another, from one musician to another and also genre jumping is absolutely amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I do reminisce fondly to simpler times when I would sit with my fingers glued to the record/pause buttons on my twin cassette player recording all manner of songs from the radio or making mix tapes for myself (I am a  child of the 80s).

And so, on one fine Sunday evening I was listening to the dulcet/gritty tones of Charles Bradley, which led me to discovering Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, the Menahan Street Band and The Budos Band. Thanks to the power of the internet, I was able to listen to each of their back catalogues and purchase an album or two (these music discovery moments can be rather dangerous on the old finances, nevertheless good fun). I hope you like the tracks I’ve selected :-

1.       Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings

2.       Menahan Street Band

3.       The Budos Band


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